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Recently, my husband and I were able to drive 90 minutes to Bloomington, Indiana, for a weekend exploring a small portion of the wonderful restaurants in Bloomingtons. We made the visit to do some research on the best restaurants BloomingTON has to offer.

If you're also heading to Western Michigan, I recommend you plan a lunch break in South Bend or Carmel. There is obviously no way that we could both visit every single restaurant in Bloomington in 48 hours, so we did our best to do it ourselves. Let me know where you like to eat, and all you have to do is try the places that have made the list of the best restaurants in Bloomingtons.

If you have limited time, I strongly recommend that you behave and do one of the following activities at the craft drink store in Bloomington. You could head to the Indiana Uplands Wine Trail to explore it, or you could plan your entire visit to Bloomingtons to complete the BloomingTON Ale Trail. If you're looking for a place that looks more like a bar, this is the place to go, but if you need a bite and a coffee to go, Bloomington Bagel is the place to go, as it's cooked in the apartment and served on site.

Go Express Travel Shuttles can conveniently pick you up at several Bloomington hotels or call the center at 812-336-6807 to book a yurt for your Bloomington visit. Check out the Bloomington Coffee Roasters booth at BloomingTON Farmers Market while sipping on a small batch roast in the store. The Indiana University professor, who moved here from France in 2016, bakes everything from quiches to macarons and specialises in simple, authentic French dishes.

If you are a Bloomington native, be sure to visit the festive bakery and café during the season. If international food is not your style, visit a local bakery and grab a pint and a burger or try this highly rated pizza service. Two Sticks Bakeries, located just a short walk from the Graduate in Bloomingtons, would be a great place to start the day with a cup of coffee, slice of pizza or a glass of wine. The wood - paneled buffaLouie's with wings, cheese fries and the like, as well as a variety of sandwiches and salads.

Ibe is a must-see - every time I go to Bloomington it's a must-see, and it's one of the most popular restaurants in town, and a great place to grab a drink.

The Uptown Cafe has been open to Bloomingtons since 1976, and if you eat here, you'll understand why. From breakfast until late in the evening, this Bloomingtons eatery will satisfy your appetites and delight your taste buds.

If you support the Hoosiers on the field or the court, you can enjoy the atmosphere of college town and incorporate a few of them and enjoy the delicious food.

I'd like to sacrifice a whole trip to try them all out, but the lunch buffet at Siam House remains my guilty pleasure. Bloomington is known as a B-town, especially for its ethnic restaurants, and a former house-turned-restaurant is particularly worth a visit. This is one of those former houses - turned - restaurants, which is why I " M is a big fan of Thai food.

If you're a beer fan, every brewery in Bloomington is worth a visit, but Upland Brewing Co. has three places for beer travelers to explore. If you need to limit your visit to these two, here is a list of three Indian restaurants that I strongly recommend to visit as soon as possible. You also own the affiliated Bloomingtons Brewing Company, which is a great place to scratch your recently emerging craft beer itch.

As the northernmost southern state, Bloomington is often considered part of the Upland South, but although they have spread throughout Indiana, selling their beers and sous across the country, it is still their true home.

An hour south of Indianapolis, behind this idyllic village of rolling hills lies a small town of about 1,000 people, with a population of just over 2,500. Bloomington and its neighboring towns are located in Monroe County, Indiana, the southern half of the state's largest city. They are located on the eastern edge of Monroe City, home to the largest city in the state.

Bloomington has a great gastronomic offering, from craft breweries to Tibetan cuisine, with plenty of places to drink local ingredients and restaurants dedicated to sourcing local ingredients. This is also a college town, but did you know that Indiana has more corn than any other state in the US?

The Uptown Cafe serves not only good food, but also the most popular beers and wines. A staple in Bloomington for decades, there's a reason why other bagel shops seem to be taking hold in Btown: The BBC bagels, the big, tough, delicious bagles you'd expect, have been a staple of Bloomingtons for more than a decade. Mother Bear was named "Best Pizza in Indiana" by USA Today and named one of the top ten pizza restaurants in Indiana by the Indiana Restaurant Association. Over the past two years, she has been voted number one in Indianapolis. This Bloomingtown hotspot is the place to make your favorite pizza and enjoy a wide selection of craft beers, wines and spirits.

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