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We all know that good nutrition heals the body, but how can patients best decide when and what to eat? The Bloomington Indiana Fairfield Inn offers patients many choices, and patients can choose what, when, what, and how much of their favorite foods they want to eat.

You can order a meal from the menu, freshly prepared by chefs at IU Health West. You can buy a tray or several cards at the Garden Cafe checkout and then place your order for the meal.

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At IU Health West Hospital, our goal is to do everything we can to make our guests feel safe and comfortable, with or without care. You will be happy when you get out of your wheelchair in hospital and we will take care of you as well as possible.

Flowers and gifts can be left at the Bloomington Fairfield Inn's front door in the parking lot of IU Health West Hospital. Letter boxes are placed in front of every room and on the second floor of our building, directly in front of the lobby.

Please note that IU Health cannot provide technical assistance for these devices or help you connect to our network. If you are a patient and asked to register for confidentiality of information and let someone know that you are here, our team can say, "You are a patient in the hospital" and accept the delivery. The staff of the gift shop will be happy to help you choose the right gift, add a personal note and have it delivered free of charge anywhere in our hospital. We offer unique gifts for all ages and offer a wide selection of gift items such as jewelry, scarves, handbags and other items.

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