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The forecast for Chicago was for a mix of snow and sleet, so we decided to arrive early in the city on the first day of the weekend and get out into the countryside before we got into town. It was beautiful, it was the last weekend in April and we had to decide whether we wanted to get some nature or not before we reached our town.

There are 10,750 acres of water under the surface and there is a marked path, but you can also take a short detour to see some of the beautiful views of Lake Michigan and the Great Lakes National Park. There is also a 3-mile cycle path that runs through the middle of the city, so there are many paths to choose from, as well as a number of hiking trails. In summer, you can also rent a canoe or boat to explore the lake and take a 4-hour bike ride along the 3 km of cycle paths that lead directly into the cities.

The Bloomington Cultural Center, the city's cultural center, and Indiana State Museum are a free 25-minute walk away. Whether you are self-guided or pre-booked for a guided tour, a walk through the cultural centres is one of the most unique activities in the city. Festive lights hang over the outdoor terrace, you can take a selfie with a Bloomington mural in the background or enjoy treats from across the street at a picnic table.

In front of the library is the Showalter Fountain, representing Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. The Indiana State Museum, a 25-minute walk from the museum, has critters to watch and precoolers and children to enjoy for a week.

The space is small and we have struggled to find a place in the industrial bar and to reserve an area for a baby shower. We arrived early for the excursion and noticed that at 11: 30 we had almost the place to ourselves. Meet your veterinarian at Bloomington County Veterinarians for an afternoon of pet-friendly activities such as a walk, dog outing and animal show.

Or share the fun and joy - the usefulness of a day with activities such as walks, dog excursions and animal demonstrations at Bloomington County vets.

We loved introducing our children to a new culture and going to the SpringHill Suites where we sat together for two nights. Our children loved the pool and the free breakfast, couldn't get enough of the musicians and the food samples. In fact, we had breakfast while visiting the farmers market, and the servers were very helpful in finding child-friendly options. Overall, we found the hotel really good - it was convenient for almost everything we wanted to do.

So it was a pleasant realisation that we could expect a sunny 60th just four hours south of Bloomington on the first day. The city itself is known for its blooming oasis, so it was no surprise to discover tulips and dogwood littering the city. It is also home to the Indiana State Fair, the largest annual festival in the state of Indiana, and one of Indiana's most popular tourist destinations.

If you're looking for some fun things to do in Indiana, there's nothing wrong with a weekend trip to Bloomington. We got to know this vibrant and welcoming college town and planned a day trip to Indiana State Fair, a great weekend away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Indianapolis.

If you and your family need some exploration this weekend, you'll find out why Bloomington is a great family vacation in the Midwest.

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From April to November, you can browse stalls for locally grown fresh food, local handicrafts and handmade items. The Bloomington, Indiana Heritage Quilt Show will feature more than 100 quilts, quilters, embroideries and other craft items from across the state. From the center, a variety of firearms, ammunition, firearm accessories and accessories will be on display at the Evansville gun shows. More than 1,000 antique, historical and historic firearms and equipment are on display at the Hendricks County Fair.

A tour of Indiana University is not without a stopover, and this is especially true for drinks and snacks. Since 1927, this restaurant has been serving a wide range of delicious, high-quality food and drinks. It is consistently ranked among the best restaurants in Bloomington, Indiana and second best in the state.

For a well-rounded dinner, the Cardinal Spirits overlooking the B-Line Trail is the place to be. Indiana University Health (IU Health) organizes year-round community health events, including a variety of health and wellness events for students, faculty, staff and alumni. The club meets twice a month at various locations in Bloomington, Indiana, including the University of Indiana Medical Center and Indiana State Hospital.

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