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Louisiana State has been my dream school since I was young, but when I went into my junior year, I didn't think my grades would get the attention of a university. Warren Central Senior limited his decision to two options: Louisiana State University or the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, he said Wednesday night.

The schedule gods are on my side, but I'm very excited to be with the Hoosiers and play against Penn State. I'll be stopping by for a few beers and playing in the Big Ten Championship game against Penn State Spartans on Saturday, November 5.

I haven't returned to Bloomington in years, but the area around the convenience food store and Memorial Stadium is a little different. Many more Hoosier fans left the stadium with empty seats blown away by the stadium trash, and many more with their trash in the parking lot.

Evolve Bloomington is a new privately owned apartment complex built on the site of Cook Hall, the former home of the Hoosier basketball team. At first glance, it offers a modern, upscale community that contains everything a student needs to live comfortably. Given the abundance of study areas, I first took the team to Evolve Indiana, and their building let me leave the room with the modern intercom system called ButterflyMX (see below). One of Indiana's basketball players got an extra shot because he needed a few repetitions and didn't feel like going all the way to Cook Hall.

After a few more punches from Penn State, Franklin stopped and opted for a fake punt. Indiana tried to distance itself from Hamler, but they were blown away by the wind and the kickoff ensued. Of course, the Hoosiers turned the offside goal around and got enough time and time off to end the historic upset.

The Terrapins now have to travel to face a strong Indiana basketball team and try to avoid their first loss of the season to the Hoosiers. Indiana is probably the more talented team, but Maryland and Indiana need to play one game at a time and be ready to go back in the hunt for a Big 10 title. The long jumper was returned for the game - a winner and a big win for Indiana in front of their home fans. They have set themselves high goals for the coming season and should get away with a win.

The Hoosiers struggled to get an offensive line without star forward Trayce Jackson-Davis, so they will have to rethink their gameplan before they take on the Maryland Terrapins on Monday. Indiana faces a desperate team, while Maryland is hoping to improve on its first loss of the season against a good Indiana team. The biggest was the three he hit to help Maryland to its dramatic comeback victory, but after Friday's tie Maryland needs Hamilton to keep points on the board.

The student body is divided into 46 states, including Washington, D.C., which can cause confusion, as shown in the chart below. To find out what the school does to promote diversity and what student groups, associations and associations are available to promote diverse perspectives on campus, call our school at (812) 888-467-8477. For more information on how IU Bloomington supports low-income students, visit our Financial Assistance page.

The geographical diversity of the school is calculated by looking at where prospective students live before and after school.

IU Bloomington's geographical diversity is well above the national average, and its student body is close to the national average: 66.8% of students are between 18 and 21 years old, compared to a national average of 60%. This gives Bloomingtons a 3.5 out of a possible 4.0 score for national geographical diversity, which it rates at 330. Although the differences between men and women on campus are significantly smaller than the average for the population at Indiana University in Bloomingdale's, it is 2,233 ethnic diversity.

Indiana University in Bloomington is considered to be very diverse in all of these factors, ranking 240th nationally. There are at least 50 countries represented by Indiana Hoosiers in the US, with a total population of more than 2,000 people from all 50 states.

With a large communal room, Evolve Bloomington is able to host a range of events throughout the year. Usually there is a sightseeing party in one of the many bars and restaurants in the area, and if you were not here for the game, write it down on your list. Visit other restaurants in the city and you will often find a wide selection of food and drinks as well as a variety of entertainment options.

Rush Bowls of Bloomington now serves its typical Rush Bowl-style games in its showrooms. The Hoosiers also have an alternative, literally a stone's throw away, and stay in one of the many apartment complexes in the area, such as the University Avenue Apartments. These apartments can be placed for students who go to the game or on the campus bus that takes them directly to class.

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